Department of Special Education


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of the first Arab countries to recognize the rights, legislations and regulations that deal with the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as non-disabled individuals, to educate them, rehabilitate them and improve the conditions surrounding them. In order to achieve this goal, it was necessary to prepare qualified competencies to serve this group of citizens. Therefore, the Department of Special Education was established at the University of Islamic International Sciences and the first group of students was accepted at the beginning of the academic year 2008/2009 with the beginning of the establishment of the International Islamic Sciences University. The program includes three programs: Bachelor program, Master program, PhD program. The Department has initiated plans and academic programs that qualify its graduates as qualified teachers for professional and professional educational work with individuals with disabilities.


To achieve leadership and excellence in the preparation of teachers of special education, and to encourage scientific professional practices in institutions that provide services to individuals with disabilities in line with the latest developments in accordance with international standards, in addition to carrying out research and scientific studies related to special education. Mission: Preparing and qualifying educational cadres specialized in the field of special education, contributing to the development of education and services provided to disabled persons and contributing to the development of the local community in general advancing scientific research in light of the needs of society in accordance with international standards of quality.


Preparing and developing specialized cadres with the highest degree of scientific and practical competence and qualified to train and educate people with special needs. - Conducting educational studies and research in all fields of special education. - Provide specialized counseling for people with special needs and their families. - Promoting community awareness in all areas of disability and prevention.

- Rehabilitation and training of non-specialists working in education to work efficiently and professionally with people with special needs.

- Provide the necessary support and consultation for different educational institutions in the field of education and provision of services to persons related.

- Building scientific partnerships with civil society institutions.

Degrees granted by the Department:

1- Special Education bachelor program.

2- Special Education Master Program.

3 - PhD special education program.

Future aspirations of the department:

1 - Development of the Higher Diploma program in learning difficulties and autism.

2. Develop a high diploma in learning difficulties.

3. Participation in community services.

4 - Holding more meetings and scientific days and seminars specialized centers of special education and institutions of education in the community, and participate in conferences, workshops and seminars inside and outside the university.

فاروق فارع الروسان
Academic Rank: 
صباح حسن العنيزات
Academic Rank: 
Associate professor
عليا محمد العويدي
Academic Rank: 
Associate professor
شامة يحي الحديد
Academic Rank: 
Assistant professor
عصام عبد الله الجدوع
Academic Rank: 
Associate professor
فريال عبد الهادي شنيكات
Academic Rank: 
Associate professor
شادي خالد عبد الله البدارين
فجر قطيشات